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If you are in need of urgent legal advice, call our free 24-Hour Criminal Lawyer Sydney Hotline now on 1300SILENT (1300-745-368).

At Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers we understand that people sometimes need a criminal lawyer outside of regular business hours.

This is because people can be arrested and detained at odd hours of the day where most criminal law firms are not in operation.

Therefore, our Sydney Criminal Law Firm operates a 24-Hour Criminal Lawyer Hotline that is available 7 days a week to give urgent criminal law advice.

Our 24-hour Criminal Lawyers provide urgent legal advice to persons under arrest, regardless of the time or day. This is because receiving expert criminal law advice at the outset of your dealings with the police can make all the difference in your criminal law case.

Our 24-hour Criminal Lawyers take immediate steps to protect the accused persons rights and freedoms.

Why is it important to have 24-hour criminal lawyers?

Although most businesses operate regular business hours, for obvious reasons, the New South Wales Police do not.

This means that people can be arrested late at night and on weekends. Unfortunately, it is during these times that people make decisions, without criminal law advice, that may impact their criminal law case at a later stage.

Seeking legal advice from a 24-hour Criminal Lawyer will ensure that:

1) The accused person is informed of their rights and obligations when they are dealing with the police.

2) That they are not tricked or misguided about the need to participate in an interview or statement.

3) That their position and instructions are detailed to the police through their criminal lawyer so that there could be no suggestion that the police were not informed.

4) If necessary, an objection can be made to the police taking forensic samples from the person such as photos, DNA samples or fingerprints.

5) That the police are informed about the persons position on bail and any possible bail conditions that can be put in place to ensure that the person is released.

6) That the person’s criminal lawyers notify the police about the need to preserve evidence that may assist the person’s criminal law defence, such as CCTV.

7) Our 24-hour Criminal Lawyers can also contact the person’s family, and if necessary, arrange for an immediate bail application on the person’s behalf.

Obtaining advice from a 24-hour Criminal Lawyer about the above matters can sometimes be of such significance that it may determine whether or not the persons under arrest will be granted bail and their ability to defend the charges at a later stage.


How much will the 24-hour Criminal Lawyer Hotline cost me?

At Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers we appreciate that being arrested is a distressing experience and that most of the time people are not able to access money or their finances.

It is for this reason that we provide our 24-hour Criminal Lawyer Sydney Hotline entirely free of charge. There are absolutely no obligations whatsoever.


How do I remember the name and number of the 24-hour Sydney Criminal Lawyer Hotline?

Most people who are arrested, unfortunately either do not have access to their mobile phones or they do not want to provide their mobile phone pin codes to the police to obtain their lawyer’s number.

This, in some circumstances, results in people being unable to obtain the urgent criminal law advice that they require.

Therefore, we decided to simply this process with the 1300SILENT concept. There is now only word that a person must remember: “SILENT”.

1) Remember that you have a right to remain “SILENT”: Generally, you should not participate in an interview or provide any statement until you have spoken with a Sydney criminal lawyer.

2) Call “1300SILENT” to speak to a 24-hour Criminal Lawyer in Sydney.

We chose the word SILENT because it is the most important word that a person needs to remember when dealing with the police in criminal law cases.

Despite police confidence, in almost all cases, arrested persons have no obligation to respond to police questions.

Although police will usually play the “good cop” role in trying to convince the person to undertake an interview, most of the time the police are not there to help the accused person but rather to try and obtain as much evidence against the person as possible.

This is because police are not legally allowed to arrest a person for questioning or investigation. If a person has been arrested, it generally means that police intend on charging the person with a criminal law offence and the police will do so regardless of whether or not the person provides an interview.

Therefore, the sole purpose of the interview is to try and obtain as much evidence against the person to strengthen the police case.

Our general advice is that people should not undertake police interviews or provide statements until they have spoken to an expert Sydney Criminal Lawyer.


Why should I not participate in an interview with the police before talking to a Sydney Criminal Lawyer?

Although most people think that if a person is not guilty, they should not have to worry about participating an interview, that unqualified opinion is not accurate at all.

That is because police often use improper and inappropriate questions during police interviews. Sometimes these questions can be confusing, and they can infer and suggest things that are not entirely clear to the accused person.

In some instances, due to shock or fear and the manner in which the questions are asked despite the accused person not understanding the question they feel the need to agree out of social politeness or out of the hope that by agreeing the police will be treated more favourably. This is especially common with Aboriginal people.

The time and place for an accused person to give their version or their story is inside a court room where the rules of law apply, and the person is afforded a fair opportunity to present their case.


Is the Sydney Criminal Lawyer Hotline open on weekends and holidays?

Yes, the 24-hour Criminal Lawyer Hotline is open every day of the year including all holidays.


What do I do if someone I know has been arrested?

Immediately contact a Sydney Criminal Lawyer and advise them of the arrest. It is important to provide the Sydney Criminal Lawyer with the following information:

a) The name and date of birth of the person who was arrested.

b) The names of the police officers that arrested the person.

c) The police station that the officers belonged to.

d) The police station that the arrested person was being taken to.

e) The reason which police provided for the arrest and any other comments that the police made.

f) Details of items that the police seized from the arrested person.

g) The number plate of the police vehicle that transported the arrested person.

This information will help the Sydney Criminal Lawyer when discussing the matter with the police.

If you would like to know more about what to do in these circumstances, read our Sydney Criminal Lawyers blog on: What to do if someone has been arrested.


Why should I call the Sydney Criminal Lawyer Hotline?

Our 24-hour Criminal Lawyers are experts in criminal law and are recognised as some of the best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney.

Our Sydney Criminal Lawyers start working on your matter from the moment we secure your instructions.

We fight for our clients no matter how big or small the case is and we guarantee that our 24-hour criminal lawyers will give you all the effort and attention your matter needs, regardless of what time or day it is.

Call our 24-Hour Criminal Lawyer Hotline on 1300SILENT (1300-745-368) or alternatively book your free first legal conference today.