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Our slogan is the foundation of our business, at Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers we recognise that most people who require our services are experiencing an extremely difficult and challenging time. A time where injustice can so easily be produced. Our Motto is to fight injustice at all costs. Our dedicated team works endlessly and tirelessly to defend our client’s rights, freedoms and entitlements.

Chosen Lawyer Guarantee

The most difficult aspect of engaging a lawyer is building a relationship of trust and security, it is our view that your lawyer should know all the intimate and intricate details of your case, that’s why we guarantee that the lawyer you choose will remain your lawyer throughout your entire case. Unfortunately in the legal industry it is not uncommon for clients to be conferenced by a senior lawyer and then later passed on to a junior less experienced lawyer after a retainer is signed. We do not agree with such practices and we guarantee that you will have the same experienced lawyer from the beginning to the end.

Frequent Communication

Being ignored by a lawyer is the most frustrating experience any client can experience, however, at Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers we appreciate the urgency in which clients require legal advice. We guarantee that our lawyers will return your call within the same day so you can rest assured that when you need your lawyer you will not be ignored.

We also ensure that all our clients are kept well informed throughout every step of the process, so that you are always aware of the work that is being undertaken your matter.

First Consultation Is Free

Choosing a lawyer is one of the most difficult decisions a client will need to make. We appreciate that most clients will see a number of lawyers before they decide to engage a firm. There are no strings attached even if you are just after a second opinion, there are absolutely no obligations.

No Case Is Too Small

We appreciate that from a lawyers perspective some cases are not as serious as others, however that certainly does not mean that it is not an extremely serious event in our client’s life. No matter how big or small your case is we guarantee that our lawyers will give you all the time, effort and attention your matter needs regardless of how trivial the matter may seem.

Transparent Fees

There are no hidden fees in our practice, all fees are clearly explained during your first consultation. We provide all our clients with an easy to read cost agreement signed on behalf of our firm detailing what the costs are and when they are payable.

Efficiency in Dealing with your Matter

The impact of having a matter before the court can be exhausting, the stress and anxiety can be overwhelming for clients. We understand the toll this can take on our clients personal lives, their relationships, and their wellbeing and in some cases even their employment. It is our promise to you as a client that we shall endeavour to find the most efficient solution to your problem. We start work on your matter from the moment we secure your instructions.

We have a track record for having matters withdrawn prior to hearing and trial as our lawyers focus on breaking down cases through effective legal representations and negotiations.

So, call us today to book your free consultation or alternatively request a booking online.