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Eda Arslan

Eda Arslan - Senior Criminal Law Paralegal

Eda Arslan is an experienced criminal law paralegal and scientist.

Eda Arslan is a senior paralegal at Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers. Eda is the glue that holds the team together, often working extremely hard with the lawyers to make incredible outcomes a reality. Eda really is the Rachel Zane of Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers and we don’t know what we would do without her.

Eda possibly has one of the most interesting career stories known to law. Having completed a degree in Chemistry at the University of Technology Sydney, Eda then received a university funded scholarship to continue her studies as a PHD candidate at the University where she completed two years of her doctorate.

It was during her doctorate in Chemistry, that Eda commenced working with illicit substances and their detection in joint research undertaken with the Australian Federal Police. It was here that Eda first developed her interest in criminal law.

However, it wasn’t until Eda was drawn into a criminal trial, where she was asked to give expert scientific opinion, that she fell in love with criminal law and decided that she wanted to be a criminal lawyer.

Eda Arslan truly has not looked back since and is now completing a Juris Doctor (post graduate law degree) at the University of Technology Sydney.

Eda is a skilled and exceptionally hardworking member of the team. However, not only does she bring an exceptional work ethic, having enjoyed a previous life as a scientist, Eda brings with her an invaluable amount of scientific skill and knowledge. This makes her an inhouse expert on drugs, drug detection, and forensic chemistry.

Outside of law, Eda is a keen historian, and a true advocate for women’s rights. Eda loves animals and often spends her free time assisting in the care of animals. Of course, that is unless she is playing soccer where she holds together a formidable backline.

Eda Arslan is an extremely important member of the team at Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers.